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  HCE offers of the following engineering & technical services:-
• Engineering, Design & Technical Consultation
       Cathodic protection system design
      Development of project & design specifications
       Technical & project consultants
       Cathodic protection assessment study & design review
       Field investigation & failure analysis
       Coating specifications
       Engineering drawings
• Project Management
      Provision of materials & equipments
      Construction & installation of cathodic protection system
      Remote monitoring implementation
      Testing & commissioning
• Inspection, Testing & Survey
      Field and soil resistivity survey
      Cathodic protection audit & maintenance survey
      Third party cathodic protection inspection
      Trouble-shoot & fault findings
      Stray current interference testing
      AC & DC interference study
      Corrosion & coating inspection
      Electrolyte corrosivity evaluation
      Concrete and soil chlorine analysis
      Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) analysis
      Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and holiday detection
• Maintenance Work
      Cathodic protection rehabilitation, retrofitting & rejuvenation
      Stray current mitigation system
      AC & DC interference mitigation system
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